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Natural Aqua Israel

Natural Aqua Israel began operations in 2006 as a start-up clean tech, patented technology and issued the first product in 2007

Since then, the main product AQIN- 1purchased and operates in thousands of places in the country and overseas.

Today, Aqua Israel Natural manegement by Joseph Isaac – worldwide expert in the field of water and wastewater treatment  - operates a wide application of technology in industry, agriculture, institutional and international market development

Today, Aqua Israel Natural operates in Spain, Chile , Cyprus, France, Romania, Nigeria, South Korea, Japan

How it works - technology combines the activities of a magnetic field with advanced filtering technology.

Magnetic field produced by the 12 magnets bio-ceramics, change the calcium and magnesium carbonate crystalin configuration  from strong (CALCITE) state to amorphous (ARAGONITE),then is gradually washed away with the water flow. In addition, there is a water ionization , with a welcome activity for a bacterial removal. And  more of this, the magnetic field activity, causing the perception of iron, manganese ,lead and arsenic(partial) on the  magnetic core surface.

The advanced filtering technology based on the filtering level filtering rings 20-120 microns, depending on the application. Filtering activity takes all parts of suspended dirt such as soil, sand, corrosion products, biofilm. Manual or automatic cleaning, periodic depending on the quality of water in the region, will remove the dirt and train by the system following cleaning operations.

Natural Aqua Israel results and benefits

-high quality water - clean, delicious, potable water

-iron, manganese, arsenic removal thanks to magnetic field (including dissolved metal)

-suspended particles (earth, sand, corrosion products) removal, thanks to disks filtration

-water softening  without removal of calcium and magnesium, thanks to cristalinity changes  activity , (thanks to  magnetic field activity)

The new green patented, technology developed by Aqua Israel Natural is chemical-free (without adding phosphate salts), without replacing the filter, without energy consume,  easy installation and minimal maintenance, high energy savings

-one time cost , any  additional

-magnesium and calcium  -–this is the best and original way  of natural minerals essentialy for the human body

The Israel's potable water excellent –the plumbing and the maintenance is problematic

Aqua Israel Natural technology - the solution of potable and clean water

Iosy  Aizic -Aqua Israel Natural   (+972 )  050-7230740

10 % discount this week


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"היה כדאי להשקיע במערכת מים חיים, המערכת מונעת הצטברות של אבנית
על הזכוכית במקלחת, מבטלת את טעם הכלור ומשפרת את טעם המים, מי מעיין טבעי "
פרופ' לינה בין דור כימאית,
מדענית וחוקרת מים, מומחית לגבישים מאוניברסיטת
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"פשוט מדהים!
אין יותר טעם וריח של
פלסטיק וכלור מהמים".
עו"ד ריצ'רד לוטי קניין רוחני,

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"המים ממש טעימים,
המים החיים משמשים בקליניקה לניקוי הגוף מרעלים".
ד"ר פנינה בר סלע -
התחדשות המרכז לבריאות
טבעית לניקוי הגוף והנפש
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"אין יותר טעם של כלור וריח לא נעים מהמים,
טעם הקפה והתה משובח ביותר".
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