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What Is The Relationship Between
Magnetization, Water, Health and Aging?

Since the beginning of time, water has been critical in sustaining all life. Also important is the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth's atmosphere, which has influenced how our body functions and maintains its balance, or homeostasis. The body's stability is regulated by its own steady magnetic waveform. This waveform is affected by stress and chemical imbalance, which lowers the body's resistance to disease and aging. As geomagnetism holds the earth and all life in balance, so is its influence necessary to human functioning because our own electrochemical nature is dependent on its force.
The body has its own magnetic waveform that is influenced by geomagnetism. This helps to keep the body in balance. This magnetic wave is smooth and even when the body is stable. When the body is in a state of stress or is sick, this wave becomes unstable. It must be returned to an even pattern in order for the body to generate energy and return to stability.

Electromagnetic energy is a dominating factor in human functioning (see Fig. 2). It helps the body regulate and maintain biological integrity. The healing potential of magnetic energy is possible because the nervous system is governed by varying patterns of currents in the electromagnetic field. The magnetic field stimulates metabolism and increases the oxygen supply to cells. Magnetic field frequencies help produce an orderly alignment of molecules within the cells, therefore creating an equally orderly process of carrying nutrients into the cells and removing toxins and wastes from the cells. It can be thought of as a river: magnetization is like a calm river with currents flowing in one direction. Non-magnetization is like a river with strong currents flowing in all directions, creating chaos (see Fig. 3).

Every function such as digestion, absorption, elimination of waste products, and production of glucose for energy is possible because of electromagnetic influences in the body. Water that is influenced by magnetization becomes the primary factor in organization and movement of molecules throughout the body, due to its attraction to both external and internal magnetic forces.
Minerals absorbed in the body fluids are carried throughout the body to become "ionization agents" for all cells. The effect of electromagnetism on hemoglobin in the blood is critical. Hemoglobin, which consists of iron, is a catalyst in its role of stimulating nerve and muscle impulses.



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"היה כדאי להשקיע במערכת מים חיים, המערכת מונעת הצטברות של אבנית
על הזכוכית במקלחת, מבטלת את טעם הכלור ומשפרת את טעם המים, מי מעיין טבעי "
פרופ' לינה בין דור כימאית,
מדענית וחוקרת מים, מומחית לגבישים מאוניברסיטת
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"פשוט מדהים!
אין יותר טעם וריח של
פלסטיק וכלור מהמים".
עו"ד ריצ'רד לוטי קניין רוחני,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"המים ממש טעימים,
המים החיים משמשים בקליניקה לניקוי הגוף מרעלים".
ד"ר פנינה בר סלע -
התחדשות המרכז לבריאות
טבעית לניקוי הגוף והנפש
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"אין יותר טעם של כלור וריח לא נעים מהמים,
טעם הקפה והתה משובח ביותר".
קיבוץ שדה בוקר, חדר אוכל