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Agricultural and Horticultural Savings and Benefits when using 'Water-mags'
Trials carried out by a Professor Lin at the Institute of Mineral Engineering in Israel during the 1970's and 80's using Electro magnetism showed that increases in the total weight of fruit were regularly achieved when water which had been magnetically conditioned was used in irrigation systems for grapefruit production.
Professor Lin also found that cattle, when given magnetized water to drink achieved their growth weight faster, in some instances by as much as 18% and with less body fats compared to cattle drinking ordinary water.
Tests on Dairy cows drinking magnetized water showed an increase in both milk yields and length of lactation together with improved conception rates when compared with cows drinking ordinary water.
One of our associates reported on similar trials being carried out at Harper Adams College and on commercial dairy farms. These trials confirmed that cows when drinking magnetically treated water increased their milk yield by as much as 4 litres per day per cow. That's an amazing and profitable increase!
In addition, milk protein levels were higher with increased butterfats by weight, but only with a marginal effect on the % butterfat. Cell counts were reduced and food conversion and water intake improved by up to 12%. In money terms a one litre per day per cow increase in milk yield could be worth £50 per cow per lactation.


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"היה כדאי להשקיע במערכת מים חיים, המערכת מונעת הצטברות של אבנית
על הזכוכית במקלחת, מבטלת את טעם הכלור ומשפרת את טעם המים, מי מעיין טבעי "
פרופ' לינה בין דור כימאית,
מדענית וחוקרת מים, מומחית לגבישים מאוניברסיטת
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"פשוט מדהים!
אין יותר טעם וריח של
פלסטיק וכלור מהמים".
עו"ד ריצ'רד לוטי קניין רוחני,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"המים ממש טעימים,
המים החיים משמשים בקליניקה לניקוי הגוף מרעלים".
ד"ר פנינה בר סלע -
התחדשות המרכז לבריאות
טבעית לניקוי הגוף והנפש
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"אין יותר טעם של כלור וריח לא נעים מהמים,
טעם הקפה והתה משובח ביותר".
קיבוץ שדה בוקר, חדר אוכל